Knowing Your Apples = Quality Cider.

You can’t make good cider if you don’t know the source of your apples and their quality. ¬†We know both. ¬†Having tasted and juiced every major Northwest apple varietal, we use that knowledge to carefully select the juice blends from which we craft our ciders.

Our hard cider has grown out of that passion.

Starting with only our freshly squeezed juice from deliciously ripe apples – no concentrates! or artificial flavors! – we hand craft a truly artisanal Oregon hard cider.

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Pacific Northwest Apples!

Our primary source of juice comes from apples grown in the Pacific Northwest. The trees are fed with nutrient rich water drawn from the Columbia River basin. The fruit ripens in a warm and sun drenched climate resulting in apples that are perfect for crafting the highest quality hard cider.

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