Know Your Cider

Join us in making this Central Oregon adventure a success and try our new High Desert cider.  Rimrock Cider, You’ll be happy you did.


You can’t make good cider if you don’t know the source of your apples and their quality. We know both.  Having tasted and juiced every major Northwest apple varietal, we use that knowledge to carefully select the blends of fresh pressed juice from which we craft our ciders.

Rimrock Cider is artisan crafted. We take no shortcuts in its fermentation which means we aren’t finished until all the natural sugar in the juice is fermented out and the cider is truly dry. As a result when we finish it has had enough time to also become well balanced, flavorful and refreshing. Knowing that totally dry doesn’t appeal to all we do slightly naturally sweeten some batches of our cider.

Our cider offerings include:

Rimrock Odyssey. Dry, with a touch of organic sweetness and aged, it has a soft well rounded feel as well as a subtle complexity. Lightly carbonated.

Rimrock Fudacious. A blend of Fuji, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith, lightly sweetened with all natural juices, Fudacious has a appley bouquet, a touch of tartness and a lively and highly refreshing feel. Lightly carbonated.

Rimrock Cranberry. The same great blend used in our Fudacious line, but lightly sweetened with pure Cranberry’s to give it a bright, crisp slightly more tart finish. Lightly carbonated.

Rimrock Huckleberry.  A  blend of fermented apple juice with the addition of fresh Huckleberry’s to create a refreshing Huckleberry finish.  Lightly carbonated.

Rimrock Blackcurrant.  A wonderful blend of Blackcurrant and apples to create a lightly carbonated combination with a easy finish.

Rimrock Pineapple.  A fun blend of apples and pineapple that is lightly carbonated and is great with food or just sipping while relaxing.



Pacific Northwest Apples!

Our primary source of juice comes from apples grown in the Pacific Northwest. The trees are fed with nutrient rich water drawn from the Columbia River basin. The fruit ripens in a warm and sun drenched climate resulting in apples that are perfect for crafting the highest quality hard cider.

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